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Unexplained Mysteries

Author: Michael | Grade: 8 | Year: 2005

Orange glowing balls that go in and out of planes without a sound? Fish and other animals falling from the sky, lizards encased in stone without a sign of life that breath air again. What is going on? Some people call it fraud or hoaxes, but I call them unexplained mysteries.

Hello teachers and classmate, today I will take you through the amazing and bizarre world of my personal five unexplained mysteries.

Let's go to Russia, where a plane had a very bizarre event. As the story goes a glowing ball burst through the plane and was hovering by the ceiling, as it went up and down the aisles it stunned passengers, as it got to the back of the plane it appeared to split into two pieces and continue to the back and
then formed into one again, it then left the plane leaving two huge holes in the side of the plane.

I personally think it really happened, how else could you put two huge holes in the side of a plane with little noise, also this wasn't the only story like this, the ball came in many forms but they all seem to be the size of a basketball.

What do you think? Could these be meteors or just another unexplained mystery?

Have you ever seen those old movies where fish fall from the sky, well it just might be true? In the year 2000 in Ethiopia one of the newspaper stories was that millions of fish were falling from the sky, some were dead, others were still struggling. There was a huge panic among farmers. There have been other sightings of not only fish but also frogs, periwinkles, and even, can you believe it Alligators? Could this have been because of winds or twisters, or just another unexplained mystery?

Have you ever seen inside a stone or ever broken it in half, well David Virtue did and what he saw was so shocking. He found a lizard coiled up in the stone, at first the lizard showed no signs of life but then with the air he started to breath again and after awhile he was running around! The stone David found was 22 feet below the surface, I wonder if rocks take millions of years to form how could it come back to life after so long? Just another unexplained mystery.

A constant Humming sound, wouldn't that be annoying if you heard that all night, well the people of Britain thought it was. One of the most famous humms was in The Toas Hum in New Mexico. This hum made people so angry that in 1993 congress on New Mexico tried to trace it, with no luck! People say it is a very low pitch sound that only some people can hear. Those who can hear it say it's unnatural and others say it's the military tracking subs, I say it's another unexplained mystery.

Flying rod's through the sky, there they are, don't blink .... there goes another one. They are almost impossible to see with the naked eye but when a woman named Escomilla played her film back in slow motion that is exactly what she saw. She said they looked like fish with finds flying through the air. I think this one is a hoax because cameras can play tricks on the eyes, but it is still an unexplained mystery.

That's my top five unexplained mysteries; you judge for yourself. Are these hoaxes or can we explain them, something to ponder. Hummmmmmmmmmmm ...