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Grade: 7 | Year: 2010

Imagine you are going to work and as you walk in, your manager tells you " Sorry but you are getting laid off." Now you are sitting on your chair thinking, what to do, how am I going to earn money. Good morning/afternoon) students teachers and friends. Today I will talk to you about Unemployment.

Unemployment is when you do not have a job but you want one. Unemployment is happening because of many different reasons. The most main reason is that most of the places in Canada are run by the U.S. That is only because US had to pay less to make their products in Canada, because Canadian dollar is less than US dollar. Then after Canada dollars started to rise, it became as same as USD. The US started closing down their factories bit by bit people got laid off with no work and had to start a new career.

This brings me to my next topic which is the effects of unemployment.Here is an example of the effects of unemployment . I had an interview with a person that got Unemployed, and she told me that when she got laid off with 450 other people. This person was working at the factory for 9 years. She had no schooling in Canada at that time. That is only because this person got trained at her job. It was a good paying job with good benefit. She enjoyed going to work allot. Then one day the company closed down. She did not know what to do,she had two kids that she has had to take care of. She was scared and worried,it was like living a life not knowing if they will eat or drink or even live the next day. So they had to start being tight, peaty much cheap about what they're buying. It was hard to live a part of my life like this. Yes it was my mom who got unemployed. While I was reading this, how many people felt thankful that their parents are working. Go ahead raise your hand. Also unemployment effects people around the age of 45-60 years old This is only because they do not know anything else than what they were doing at their work. No one wants them because of they're old and can get easily hurt while working. The last thing is that people at older ages seem to have memory loss. That affects them a lot when they're trying to get retrained.

The government is a big part of unemployment too. Long before unemployment rate started to rise up, the government was not really strict about who qualifies to be a part of a program. Now because of so many people getting laid off the government had to make more rules and more different programs for unemployment. For example when my mom got laid off the government offered her a program called second career. At first the rules were not that strict, but after November 20, 2009 they had to change the rules because lots of people were asking for this program, and the government was going over its budget. Now there are 7 questions and you have to get between 16-21 points to get approved. Each question is either worth 1 point, 2 points or 3 points. Second career is a program that the government pays for all your books and schooling, if you are going back to school. The most recent program that came out for unemployment is called “Action Plan.” Action Plan helps retraining people, work sharing program, extended benefits, new benefits for self-employed and apprenticeship grant. Those are only some things that are in this new program called 'Action Plan.”

It is a good thing that we live in Canada and have such a good government because unemployment affects people’s lives more than you can ever imagine. Thank you for listening to my speech. To learn more about unemployment go to ``gc.ca/unemployment``.