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Grade: 6 | Year: 2009

Good morning/afternoon parents, teachers and friends. Did you ever have a feeling that there is something next to you? Did you ever hear a noise knowing that you at home by yourself? Did something ever freak you out?

I had an experience like this two years ago. I came out of my room and I saw something floating around. It was saying weird words. All of the sudden it said my name and disappeared. First I thought that was my sister playing a joke on me but it wasn't her, so I got very scared. Did that ever happen to any of you? If it did, you are not alone. Something also happened to my mom. Few months ago she was standing in the kitchen and one of the drawers just opened all by itself, few weeks later my mom was sitting on the couch talking to my step dad and the light in the living room went on. Ever since that my mom and step dad are joking that we are not alone in the house that we have a visitor. But we are not scared I tell you why.

We started to watch Paranormal State programs where a group of university students are investigating paranormal activities. They taught my family not to be afraid of ghosts because they are not to hurt us. On the other hand be aware of demands. Those are the ones who can seriously hurt you or your family. When people are experiencing paranormal activities they are usually scared because they don't know what that is. All the strange noises or shadows or unexplained moving things are just a way of ghosts trying to communicate with us. Ghosts are spirits of people that that passed away but their souls didn't cross over to the next level. There could be many reasons why they didn't completely go over. On one of the shows of Paranormal State the team was called to a haunted fire house.

There was a new firefighter who was experiencing some abnormal activities. This firehouse had a history of someone committing suicide there, so all the firefighters thought that this is a spirit of that man haunting their place and they also thought that they are not welcome there, that spirit doesn’t want them there. That’s why he is active. When the paranormal team went to the firehouse they invited a psychic to communicate with this spirit, to find out what he really wants. After talking to him it turned out that he was there to protect this new firefighter from committing the same crime that he did. Due to some personal problems the new firefighter wanted to hang himself and the spirit wanted to stop him and to show him that he is not alone and killing himself it's not the answer. That's how I learned not to be afraid of ghosts. They could be just acting like your guardian angel.

Paranormal State team when they are being called to investigate the new cases they always look in to the history of the place where the supernatural activities are happening. Finding the history always finds an explanation to the case. They are also using a lot of cool gadgets to help them find out if what the clients are experiencing is really paranormal or just their imagination. Some of the equipment that they are using it’s called EMF meter- this is a meter that works like a thermometer. It is showing the temperature in the room. The other gadget to check the temperature it's called a flir infrared camera. This is a camera that detects heat instead of the light, so they can see if there is any temperature difference in the places that they are investigating. Next is EVP - this is an electronic voice phenomenon- it is an equipment that is recording noises and voices. All this equipment after recording its hooked up to the computer to review the findings.

Paranormal state team travels around the states to help people like you and me to understand ghost and to not be scared of them.

I hope that my speech will help all of you who had some unexplained incidents. Don't be I afraid, say a prayer and go on with your life.