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Grade: 7 | Year: 2005

"Hello sir, may I take your order?"
"I'll have a Large Double, Double, with a side of fries."
"What would you like to drink, sir, Pepsi, or Coke?"

Coca Cola is one of the, no I'm sorry, the largest Cola company, in the entire world. But, it sure didn't start that way. A man named Dr. James S. Pemberton, in Atlanta, Georgia, created it on May 8, 1886. Originally, it was designed to be tonic. But with one taste, Pemberton knew it was destined to be the award winning, multi-billion dollar company we know and love. So, he removed the medicinal ingredients, and marketed his new cola at local convenience stores, selling it to passer-bys.

About a century and a bit later, this little soft drink company has evolved into the multi-billion dollar, award-winning, company we call Coca Cola. It's won tons of awards. Do you remember Coke Music? It won an award for being the best interactive website in the world, for 2003. Coke also won "Battle of the Brands", a competition featuring all of the major brands, including Nike, Adidas, and Nintendo. Just think about it. Coca Cola must be pretty good to have won against all those companies. I think the major reason this happened is because Coke is dedicated to quality. They really care about consumers. In 1940, Coke made sure the soldiers were supported. No matter how much it cost them, Coke was dedicated to giving each of the soldiers a Coke for only 5 cents, which was an amazing price, even for back then. On a diet? Coke offers Diet, and Caffeine free coke. Don't like the taste of diet? Coke is now offering their diet flavored Coke with a hint of lime. Now, you've all probably heard the rumors of people putting the tooth in the coke, and it melting. But will that really happen to you? Of course not! The tooth in the coke took about 4-5 days to melt. The Coke you drink only touches your mouth for a few seconds. Still not convinced? Just remember the tooth in the coke is dead, and your teeth, are living. Coke also has less sugar than apple juice, orange juice, AND grape juice. So why bother have some sugar loaded beverage like orange juice in the morning, when you can enjoy a Diet Coke? But you've probably never heard your parents saying, "No orange juice in the morning" Have you?

So far I've told you all about how wonderful coke is, and how successful they are. But there is a darker side. One that has been lurking in the shadows for all these years. I'm talking about: Pepsi. The dark side of the Cola world. Pepsi began in 1898, almost 10 years after Coke. So why do I say Pepsi are the bad guys? Well first, take a look at their commercials. The bully and pick on Coke. There's this one commercial where a guy working for Coca Cola gets taken into a Pepsi van, and is given the choice between Coke and Pepsi. Obviously, since it is a Pepsi commercial, he picks the Pepsi. He is returned to the Coke factory and chases after the van. Another commercial shows Pepsi with some piping van, with hydraulics and such, and then they show this junky old truck with Coca Cola on it. Another commercial shows this guy who is a coke collector, drinks a Pepsi and sells all his coke stuff. Sensing a pattern? Obviously Pepsi's way of advertising is putting down the competition. You could call Pepsi the bully of Coke world. I mean, they keep teasing Coke, and making it look bad. Have you ever seen 1, just 1 commercial where Coke does the same thing? No. But despite these gestures Coke is still #1. Pepsi claims they are so much better then Coke, but is that really true? A recent survey shows that almost four times as many people like Coke over Pepsi. So, why is Coke so much better? I'm about to tell you why. It's because they refuse to give up, even when things aren't going their way. Up until 1975, Pepsi hadn't been all that bad to Coke. But I guess all of those years of being second finally got to them. In 1975, Pepsi conducted the "Blind Taste Challenge", proving it was better than Coke. Coke, who refused to fail, spent almost 4 years creating and perfecting a new formula. They tested it, and found it more appealing than Pepsi. They called this new drink: The Coca Cola Classic. But rather than rubbing it in Pepsi's face, telling how it was so much better, they merely advertised a new and improved formula, and nothing else. You know, back in the 1930's Pepsi decided to lower the prices, thinking it would attract more costumers, and take away Coke's. Unfortunately for them, it was dubbed "The Poor Man's Drink" or "Imitation Cola". This made Coke seem like a luxurious drink only the rich were allowed to have. Of course that made Coke a status symbol, and anyone who couldn't afford Coke, would buy Pepsi and serve it to their guests in Coke bottles, to trick them into believing they were wealthy. Now, back to Pepsi's way of advertising. They like to use famous people in their commercials. "Hi I'm Brittany Spears, and I drink Pepsi." Basically what they are saying is "Don't drink Pepsi because you actually like the taste, drink it because this celebrity we hired says she drinks it." But does she really even drink the stuff? An anonymous source reports seeing pictures of Brittany on the beach, and drinking, you guessed it, a Coke. Where Pepsi decides to promote, cool, in and fashionable, Coke goes for a feeling of happiness and peace. A timeless feeling that appeals to all ages.

So in the end it's your choice. Do you order a Pepsi, or a Coke?

Me, I'll take a Coca Cola. Because I know that when I buy a Coke, I don't just buy a soft drink. That's not what Coke is. It's an inspiration. It has helped others in need, regardless of the consequences it faced. When others put them down, they turned the other cheek. When times were tough, they never quit.

"Sir, I'm waiting. Pepsi, or Coke?"
"I'll take the Coke, and that's to go."

Thank you for your time.