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Grade: 12 | Year: 2015 Published On: 2015-04-21

Dark Chocolate
Benefits of Dark Chocolate
Creamy white, silky milk, sweet, semi-sweet, bitter sweet and even unsweetened chocolate warms our hearts with joy but out of all chocolates one of the healthiest chocolates of all is dark chocolate.
Good morning my dear teachers and friends, my name is Sneha. I’m fron 2 KRK.Today I’m going to talk to you about the amazing benefits of dark chocolate and the history behind it.
The creation of dark chocolate came to the earth nearly 3000 years ago. Back then dark chocolate was not a dessert but a bitter drink only drank on special occasions unless their status was royalty. The Mayans and Aztecs grew cocoa trees in their backyards were they were harvested and made in to liquid. Soon they shared this recipe with the Spanish. The Spanish healers used chocolate to heal insect bites.
Now day’s chocolate has been doused with so many chemicals that I can’t even list them! Out of all the chemical chocolates, dark chocolate is the healthiest out of all. Why? Well, the antitoxins in dark chocolate contain lots of good and healthy qualities such as improving your blood circulation and lowering your chances of getting high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, cell damage and heart disease in an older age. Dark chocolate not only can help you for the future but can help you if you have a simple sore throat or cough because it contains special Theo bromine.
Your parents must have told you eating chocolate is bad for you well now you can go tell them all these healthy qualities and add this healthy treat to your daily life but I think we all know its common sense that we should eat in moderation we don’t want to get obese or high on chocolate. If you think dark chocolate causes cavities or even tooth decay, it’s a lie it’s one of the least that is contributing to tooth decay so you can enjoy your snack and tell your dentist that. Did you know chocolate has chemicals hat can boost your mood and make you fell awesome? Eating dark chocolate is probably the best thing you can do for your body. Some of the thousand of popular chocolate name brands out there are Mars, Twix, Crunchie, Reese’s cups, Reese’s pieces, Smarties, Kit-Kat, Aero, Hershey, and my favourite, Toblerone because it was 3D first.
All though dark chocolate contains so many healthy qualities; it also contains lots of fats and sugars which can lead to obesity and health problems so if you eat it with moderation you too can enjoy the healthy goodness of dark chocolate. Here’s your excuse for eating chocolate. Thank you all for your time.

Being a girl

Grade: 8 | Year: 2014 Published On: 2014-07-05

What is it like being a girl? Is it identical to what it had been described by comics or movies?

animal cruelty

Grade: 7 | Year: 2014 Published On: 2014-04-29

Good morning (afternoon) today I want to inform you about animal cruelty and how people mistreat their animals, this speech is intended for the cruelty of the domestic animals that have to put up with violence and hatred that their owners treat them with. What type of violence? You may ask. I will explain during the speech.

Scouting Across Two Continents

Grade: 11 | Year: 2012 Published On: 2014-04-25

Realism ladies and gentlemen was a philosophical term of longstanding which meant a belief in the reality of ideas and was contrasted to anomalism which considered ideas only as obstructions in the 18th century the meaning of realism was almost completely reversed Schelling in 1975 defined realism as ‘Positioning the existence of the non-ego’ in contrast to anomalism this realism is based on nature that is our own cultural ethos whereas idealism is in fact the adoption of such fashion lines which have resulted in the categorisation of mankind into marginalised and isolated groups which l personally will nullify to you in my speech entitled ‘’SCOUTING ACROSS TWO CONTINENTS’’

Power Of Self Belief

Grade: 10 | Year: 2013 Published On: 2014-04-25

First of all allow me to say thank you, not only for the honour you have given me to stand in front of you but for the weeks of fear and nausea which l endured at the thought of giving this commencement address in front of you which made me lose weight as l usher you into the demystification of the myth which is inaction that saps the vigour of the mind in my speech entitled, ‘’The Power of Self Belief’’

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