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Latest Speeches

The Differrence Between Growing Up in the Seventies and Today

Grade: 8 | Year: 2008 Published On: 2008-06-01

We’ve all heard it from our parents “you guys have it so easy with all of your ipods, computers and cell phones. When we were growing up, we were happy with pet rocks and soccer balls”!

Nascar Sprint Cup Series

Grade: 5 | Year: 2008 Published On: 2008-05-28

Do you know what is the second most popular sport in the U.S. after the NFL? Do you know what sport is broadcasted in over 150 countries? Soccer? Nope, Nascar.


Grade: 5 | Year: 2008 Published On: 2008-05-28

You know about soccer, basketball, and hockey, but do you know about the second most played sport in the world? Good afternoon teachers and fellow students, I am going to be talking about badminton.

Bill Gates

Grade: 5 | Year: 2008 Published On: 2008-03-30

Do you know who the richest man in the world is? What about the founder of Microsoft? Or the man who founded a foundation that helps poor families around the world? This amazing man is the one and only Bill Gates.

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